A Story About the Trades

The Trades: A Story of American Job Security & Career Fulfillment

A good service-based business is insulated from what happens on the internet or behind the desks of technology giants such as Google and Amazon. Your career will never become obsolete—it will grow in relevance. If people want comfortable, healthy, safe, clean and energy-efficient homes, it’s not going to get done online. Someone needs to come to their door. Services provided and how they are performed may change over time, but a job in the trades will never go away.

Your job cannot be outsourced, shipped overseas, nor down-sized. It cannot be replaced by technology, A.I, automation or a robot. These are all threats to most other industries in some fashion or form.

You are responsible for uniting families and creating a safe, healthy and comfortable environment that makes life easy and convenient. The extraordinary experience you deliver will help people save energy dollars that will in turn fuel the economy. You will positively impact the lives of homeowners and their family members who can go out and make their mark on the world because of the work you do.

Imagine a world without people and companies doing what you do. You make every other industry possible with the work you do. As a result, you will be valued, appreciated, and rewarded accordingly.

The work of tradesmen and tradeswomen will reduce the demand on utilities and lessen negative impacts to the environment. Communities will have more wage-earners free from the burden of college debt. As opposed to universities collecting large tuition checks, local economies will be immediately infused with additional financial resources.

The home service trades offer incredible, honorable, lifelong career opportunities. An individual can enter the trades will minimal educational requirements and zero college debt. Earning potential can far exceed that of most university graduates. Trades positions can quickly lead to leadership and management positions carrying higher levels of income and greater benefits.

The trades will allow you to unleash your full potential through a fulfilling and rewarding career. You will have the opportunity to live an extraordinary life, give back to the industry and community, and pay it forward. Welcome aboard!

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