How to Repair Your System

Okay, let’s be honest. Modern HVAC systems can be confusing, and it can be tough to know how to repair them should something go wrong.
That said, there are a few very basic steps you can undertake prior to contacting your HVAC service professional that may alleviate your problem. However, if you are unsure about performing any of these measures, please get in touch with a professional instead.

  1. Cycle the breakers for the HVAC system and ensure that they are in the ON position.
  2. Make sure your circuit breakers are in the ON position.
  3. Make sure your filters are clean.
  4. Open supply and return vents and make sure they are unobstructed.
  5. Check the settings on your thermostat.
  6. Make sure the system switch is on the appropriate COOL or HEAT setting.

If none of these measures work, or if you’re hesitant to carry them out yourself, the next step is to CONTACT US. Depending on the age of your system, some components may be under warranty. You may want to contact the dealer who originally sold and installed the system, if possible. They should have a record of your purchase, be aware of any warranties on your system or its components, and be authorized to make good on said warranties, if still applicable.

Other FAQs