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Service & Maintenance:

We are your solution for residential heating repair, heating installation and maintenance services. Barron Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to feature Carrier furnaces and heat pumps– guaranteed to deliver the reliability and cost-efficiency that you deserve. As one of the leading HVAC contractors in Northwest Washington, we constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to offer the most competitive prices to our customers. Barron is available to ensure that you stay comfortable in any emergency. We are proud of the fact that a major portion of our business comes from referrals, which is a reflection of our commitment to our customers.
If you require service on your current home heating and air conditioning system, our seasoned technicians have the expertise to diagnose, adjust or repair your equipment, to assure your year-round comfort. For safety and warranty reasons you should never attempt to service the system yourself.
Our primary goal is to ensure that every customer receives the highest quality, most reliable heating repair, and maintenance service. Schedule a Service or Maintenance today!

Home Performance Testing:

The days of an ‘energy audit’ are over.  While many of the principles are the same, the notion of an ‘audit’ conjures up negative thoughts and the sinking feeling of impending costs. A Home Performance Test is just a 360-degree view of your homes ability to hold air once it’s been mechanically heated or cooled. The homes thermal envelope (home wrap, insulation and air sealing) have a lot to do with that, but so does the home’s duct system.

Homes that have a ‘central’ heating/cooling system where the air is delivered through ductwork and registers in the floor or ceiling have a huge impact on the energy a home uses to stay comfortable. This central heating/cooling system can also contribute mightily to the dust, allergens, drafts and general ‘uncomfortable’ nature of some homes.  A Barron Home Performance Expert has the diagnostic tools and training to help you understand what’s happening and what can be done to improve the situation.  Barron can perform anything from a simple visual investigation, a PSE Homeprint Diagnostic or a comprehensive BPI Approved Home Performance Assessment.

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