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Christmas in July

At Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing we know the importance of keeping your family safe and comfortable. This July, we’re donating a Single-Zone Daikin Ductless Heat Pump to three families that live in the communities we serve.

And here’s why, a ductless heat pump delivers energy-efficient heating AND cooling, providing year-round comfort to a family that may not have heat this winter.

And we’re not stopping there! For every Daikin comfort system purchased between now and August 31st, we’ll put $100 towards a December “Furnace Fund”. This fund will be used to give the warmth of a furnace to families in need.

So, join Barron for Christmas in July. Let’s eliminate one more worry and give the gift of year-round comfort to families who need it most. Recommendations for families in need will run July 1 - 31st. 

Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing. Our Mission: Improving Lives™

Help us give the gift of year-round comfort and energy savings to families in need.

*Note: Recommendations for families in need will run July 1 - 31, 2023.

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Recommended Family's Information

2022 Recipient Families:

Stevie Cairn Project 

Anyone who has met Stevie would quickly notice the light he shares with the world. His vivacious personality has made him a natural leader, and he was hired by Campus Christian Fellowship to serve at Western Washington University in 2020—just before he was hit by an impaired driver while riding a bicycle on Whidbey Island. Stevie nearly lost his life, and completely severed his spinal cord, which has left him permanently wheelchair-bound. As the driver was uninsured and Stevie was not in a car himself, insurance payouts have not gone far, and he will be faced with a lifetime of wheelchair purchases, possible additional surgeries, and vehicle/home modifications. With an outpouring of love from the community, Stevie, four students, and a Campus Pastor are now in a new "dream home" that has been retrofitted for his accessibility needs, put together by endless volunteer hours from those that know and have heard his story. The Barron Team was just one piece of the puzzle, installing a complete, fully ducted heating and air conditioning system. Barron Plumbing also provided nearly a full repipe to make the plumbing fixtures wheelchair accessible and installed a tankless water heater.

Boersma Family

The Boersmas are a sweet, hardworking family with two young children. Like many, their home was hit hard by last winter’s flood, which wiped out the insulation and duct work under the house. The couple took the a big chance and purchased a cement company just before the flood hit, so as new small business owners they were then unable to get a loan to replace the heating system in their home. The Barron team extended a hand with the gift of a new Carrier furnace system, giving them the little boost they needed to enjoy a warm home this season.

2021 Recipient Families:

Kim Eagle 

If there ever was a story of resilience and the power to overcome, Kim Eagle’s would be it. As a long-time gardener and two-time cancer survivor, Kim was recently involved in a devastating accident. While shoveling bark roadside at a customer’s home, a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel hit her from behind, pinning her to her work trailer. On top of a broken pelvis and abdominal injuries, both of Kim’s legs had to be amputated, leaving her with a long road of recovery. Lacking a properly working furnace for years prior, Kim’s story was one we couldn’t look past. We were honored to equip her home with a new Daikin ductless system, while her family and friends have been remodeling the space to accommodate her wheelchair—showing her a well-deserved outpouring of support to make her life comfortable for the season ahead.    

Jackson Family

Don and Diana Jackson received many Christmas in July recommendations, each with one standout trait in common—what loving and giving people they are. The couple shares a home with their adult special needs son; all three on disability and having fallen on very hard times. Don is battling progressed cancer, and with a failed furnace and no cooling in their mobile home, the summer heat was unbearable—and soon, so will be the cold. With very limited finances and relying on space heaters alone, the Jacksons deservingly received the gift of a Daikin ductless system—one that will make their home more comfortable year-round.

Smith Family

Stacy and Darell Smith are a notable and incredibly giving couple in our community. Stacy is the director at the Firs After School Program and Forest School, and the couple has been very influential in the lives of numerous children over the years—many in the foster care system. Darell suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, a disease close to the hearts of the Barron family, which has left him wheelchair-bound for many years. The heat has a drastic effect on Darell—something as simple as a hot shower can leave him unable to lift himself back into his chair—proving what a godsend a ductless system would be to cool their home. Relying on his disability and Stacy’s single income, a new system was out of reach on their own. We were honored to provide the couple with a two-head Daikin ductless system—a gift that is truly deserved.

2020 Recipient Families:

Everett Family

Norma Everett selflessly opened her home to her widowed daughter and her two grandchildren. And on top of tight finances and a tight living space, Norma’s oil furnace stopped working last winter, forcing them to make do with space heaters ever since. Servicing her furnace and installing a new single-head ductless system will mean they are warm and safe this winter, a gift our Barron Team is blessed to be able to share.

Welsh Family

Candi and Randy Welsh are an elderly couple who live in an old farmhouse that relies on an improper wood stove for heat. Randy chops wood and carries it back to the house, only to fill the house with smoke from the fire. The smoke issues cause Candi to suffer from breathing and lung issues in the winter, forcing the couple to choose between warmth and her health. Barron found the perfect solution, installing a ductless heat pump to keep their home warm and comfortable (and smoke-free!) for years to come.

2019 Recipient Families:

Fannin Family

The Fannins have two children, one a now four-year-old daughter named Summer, born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). The CDH caused many of Summer’s organs to grow inside her chest cavity before birth, leaving her with an underdeveloped lung and hospital-filled first few years of life. Air quality is crucial for Summer, so Barron Heating installed a new air conditioner onto their homes forced-air system to ensure she can breathe healthy indoor air year-round. This allows them to keep their doors and windows shut even in the heat of the summer.

Brisky Family

The Brisky family has been through a lot, needless to say. In 10-years remission from Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Jamie Brisky was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, and his wife Kathy is just finishing treatment for breast cancer. With medical bills piling up, their heat pump has chosen a terrible time to go out. A new Ductless heat pump will keep them warm this winter and take some of the worry out of their stressful lives.

McDougle Family

Carolyn McDougle is a unique case, recommended by one of our own technicians. After performing maintenance on her furnace last year, it was obvious to him that her furnace was very unreliable—and logistically, the funds were not there for her to replace the unit. As a grandmother taking care of her grandchildren, Carolyn’s space badly needed the replacement. So Barron installed a new furnace, cleaned and sealed the ducts, and teamed up with Arrow Insulation to weatherize the crawlspace and more. Carolyn’s family will now be warm and comfortable this winter.

2018 Recipient Families:

Taylor Family

Todd and Haylie Taylor, foster parents and a family of six have been relying on only a wood stove for heat. "Several people shared with us that a ductless heat pump will help the Taylor family for so many reasons," said John Barron, owner of Barron Heating. "Their care of foster children is inspiring and their home in the Day Creek community east of Sedro-Woolley gets more cold weather than most of us."

Ford Family

Dana and Jill Ford’s family of four including their 4-year-old daughter with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome were nominated by multiple people during our Christmas in July giving event. "It was clear the Ford family could really benefit from the use of a ductless heat pump," said John Barron, owner of Barron Heating. "Their child with Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, which affects approximately 500 people in the world, is greatly affected by temperature fluctuations."

Bancroft Family

Liza Bancroft, a single mother of two children from Bellingham is in need of a comfort solution for her son. "People told us how much the Bancroft family could use a ductless heat pump," said John Barron, owner of Barron Heating. "Liza Bancroft has a son with autism and the heat pump will stabilize his environment, which is important for his well-being."

"We are happy we can make these families’ homes healthier and more comfortable."
– John Barron, Owner of Barron Heating

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