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Fireplace Installation Process

Mount Vernon, Marysville, WA and the Surrounding Areas

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What to Expect

It is our goal to provide you with an excellent customer experience and for every installation to go as smoothly as possible. Here are a few things we’d like you to know: 

  • There may be multiple visits required for your installation. Layouts, installs, and return trips will be scheduled within an arrival window.
  • Persons conducting layout are skilled in fireplace installation only. Their proficiencies exist in designing venting and gas piping systems to complement your chosen fireplace.
  • Layout personnel will do their best to design a comprehensive and efficient installation; however, during installation preexisting unforeseen challenges may present themselves.
  • Installation dates are scheduled based on the equipment’s expected delivery date as provided by our suppliers. All dates are susceptible to change at short notice. Should the arrival date change, the Hearth Coordinator will call immediately to inform you of the delay.
  • Should your equipment arrive but components are backordered, you will be given the option to just install the equipment and venting. A return trip will be required to install all remaining components. Your fireplace will not be operational until all components are installed.
  • All equipment is checked for visible damage to the packaging/crate upon receipt at our Ferndale Warehouse. Barron personnel will store the equipment in its delivered container to maintain integrity and avoid damage. Occasionally, during job preparation, or while on site, damage is identified. Customers will be given the option of accepting the equipment at a discount or reordering for install at a later date.
  • Payment will be collected on the day of installation, or within 48 hours after final inspection. In the event of backordered components, the costs of these materials will be withheld from your final payment. Once backordered materials are installed, the remaining balance will be collected.
  • Firelight by Barron is committed to customer satisfaction. Should a situation arise that changes the initial scope of work, we will collaborate with you to find reasonable solutions.

How to Prepare

  • Please clear an 8’ radius around the project and a path from the entry point to the workspace.
  • All efforts will be made to minimize dust and debris; however, we recommend covering items such as furniture, electronics, art, etc.
  • Barron is a licensed and bonded company. Homeowners are not required to be on site for the duration of the installation. However, it is preferred that you are on site prior to the start of the installation for questions, and at start up. If not, we will leave written instructions.
  • For the safety of children and pets, please keep them free of the work area.
  • When installing ventilation systems into an existing wood chimney or metal pipe, cleaning may be required prior to install.
  • It is common to experience odor and haze when using your fireplace for the first time. This is called "Burn Off" and is a normal part of the curing process. Fire alarms may go off if they are in proximity to the burn off.
  • Barron highly recommends a Carbon Monoxide Detector be installed in the same room as your new fireplace.

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