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Ceiling Fan Services in Bellingham, WA

Mount Vernon, Marysville, WA and the Surrounding Areas

Homeowners throughout Bellingham and beyond don’t often realize just how beneficial their ceiling fans can be to home efficiency and comfort. But these electrical devices can only work as well as they are installed! Here at Barron Electrical:

  • We look “beyond the box” at your WholeHome™ comfort.
  • We always do what’s in the customers’ best interestw.
  • We provide customers with unparalleled honesty and world-class service.

This is all part of our commitment to a people-first approach, 1 of our 5 company core values. The safety and effectiveness of your electrical job is important to us no matter what!

Contact Barron Electrical for reliable ceiling fan services. We’ve proudly served the I-5 corridor from Blaine to Marysville, Oak Harbor to Concrete, and the San Juan Islands since 1972. Our Mission: Improving Lives™.

NOTE: Outside of Whatcom & Skagit County electrical service and installation offerings vary by location. Call or visit service area pages more details.

How Can We Help?

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan cannot lower the temperature of the air in a room. But a ceiling fan installation is still vital to home comfort. These electrical devices help adequately circulate air throughout your living space. In the summertime, you can use them in combination with your AC system to help your household feel cooler, and therefore turn the thermostat up a few degrees. This helps you cool your home far more efficiently.

Ceiling fans are great in the winter as well. With the simple flip of a switch near the center of your fan, you can reverse the direction of the fan blades to better circulate heated air, too. This means you can be more comfortable at a lower temperature than you otherwise would be. Proper ceiling fan installation leads to improved comfort and improved energy efficiency.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

A broken down ceiling fan may not seem like all that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. When you consider the cost-effective way it boosts your Bellingham area home’s comfort and efficiency, however, you’ll find you’re really missing out.

If you have a ceiling fan or series of fans that aren’t running, contact the Barron electrical team about ceiling fan replacement. When professionally installed by our licensed Barron Electricians and properly cared for, they can effectively and affordably circulate your heated and cooled air to help increase home comfort.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Is one of your ceiling fans looking a bit wobbly when it runs? Perhaps one of the attached lightbulbs is flickering, or the fan itself is making a loud noise it didn’t before. This means it’s time to call Barron Electrical to see if you need professional ceiling fan repair.

Electrical work of any kind should only ever be managed by a licensed and experienced professional, such as a member of the Barron Electrical team. This is for the safety of your home and your family! And safety is one of our core values. In fact, we’re proud to say our culture embodies what it means to live and breathe safety. Contact us today for quality ceiling fan repair.

Proudly Serving the I-5 corridor from Blaine to Marysville, Oak Harbor to Concrete, and the San Juan Islands