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Heating Repair in Bellingham, WA

Mount Vernon, Marysville, WA and the Surrounding Areas

No family should be forced to huddle under blankets just to stay warm when winter comes knocking on the door. If your heater goes on the fritz out of nowhere though, that’s exactly what can happen. By staying on top of maintenance and scheduling heating repair when needed, our team can help you avoid this. Choose our team for your service, because we embody a culture of:

  • Doing what’s right for the customer.
  • Providing excellence by performing at the highest level.
  • Committing to your safety with prompt service.

These are just some of the things that we stand for.

For reliable heating repair in your Bellingham, WA area home, contact Barron Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’ve proudly served the I-5 corridor from Blaine to Marysville, Oak Harbor to Concrete, and the San Juan Islands since 1972. Our Mission: Improving Lives™!

How Can We Help?

Furnace Repairs

There’s a common misconception among homeowners that furnaces unexpectedly go on the fritz and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. One minute it’s working fine, and the next you’re feeling frigid inside your Bellingham area home. We have some good news! If you keep an eye out for the below warning signs that something is amiss, you are much less likely to encounter an unexpected breakdown.

  • The unit isn’t cycling on.
  • The circuit breaker for the furnace keeps tripping.
  • Your furnace can’t reach the desired temperature on the thermostat.
  • You hear ominous noises coming from the system.
  • There’s a strange smell wafting through the air in your home.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, it’s time to give our Home Performance Experts a call. It would also benefit you to schedule annual furnace maintenance to help keep the system in great shape. Ask about our Silver Shield Preferred Memberships!

Boiler Repairs

Stop searching online for "heating repairs near me" and contact our team for quality boiler repairs. Barron Heating & Air Conditioning is the market leader in hydronic heating & cooling solutions. This means when we’re on the job, you know that your boiler repairs are being done right. We’ve also had over 45 years experience in the industry, plus thorough and continued training, as well as positive customer feedback.

Choosing the wrong contractor for the job can lead to more problems than you started with for your equipment. The last thing any Bellingham area homeowners needs is to pay for repairs now, only to turn around and pay for them again next month. This is why it’s so important to do your research when choosing a contractor.

Ductless Heating Repairs

Ductless heating and other heat pump HVAC equipment require special care and attention. Without proper maintenance over the years, you could run into ductless heating repair needs such as:

  • Loose or broken air handlers.
  • Refrigerant Leaks Behind the Drywall.
  • Stuck Reversing Valve, which Prevents Refrigerant Flow.

Of course, when you do need heating system repair for your ductless system, we’re the team to call! Stop searching online for "heating system repair near me" and give our number a dial. You can count on us to understand, confirm, and communicate expectations clearly and concisely--in fact this kind of communication is one of our core values!

Proudly Serving the I-5 corridor from Blaine to Marysville, Oak Harbor to Concrete, and the San Juan Islands

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