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: Due to unprecedented call volumes and pandemic-related supply chain challenges, Barron is prioritizing HVAC service calls from our Silver and Gold Shield Members at this time. For future priority service, please review our Membership page. Need home maintenance advice from prolonged freezing temps? See FAQs here. Read More


Core Values

At Barron, team members passionately live into the Vision & Mission of Improving Lives™ through their behavior and professional conduct. The Five Core Values embody the highest standards of professional character expected of a Barron Team Member. The Leadership Team uses these values to inform both hiring and discharge decisions.


  • Make the well-being and safety of others a top priority
  • Always do what is in the customer’s best interest
  • Be willing to help others and show appreciation for assistance provided
  • Listen, listen, listen, and be W.I.T.Y.—ask "What’s Important To You?"


  • Embrace and live into Barron’s collaborative work environment
  • Develop trust in all relationships—be tactful yet truthful
  • Understand, confirm, and communicate expectations clearly and concisely
  • Establish an effective working relationship with all team members


  • Always do what you say you are going to do—uphold your commitments
  • Do the right thing, even when no one is watching—integrity and accountability at all times
  • Hold yourself and others to the highest ethical standards
  • Provide customers with unparalleled honesty, the cornerstone of world-class customer service


  • Exhibit a positive attitude—elevate thinking to be positive
  • Demonstrate respect through regard for others’ work, level of understanding, and personalities
  • Practice self-awareness—continually evaluate how your actions affect others
  • Humbly respond to others’ needs with promptness—be considerate


  • Practice critical thinking to deliver new creative solutions
  • Expect change, embrace change, and have a desire to facilitate change
  • Establish a plan, define actions & milestones, and benchmark continuously— set goals
  • Coach and teach others, share knowledge, and seek out mentors who challenge you to grow