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Were you aware that your HVAC systems typically use about half of all the energy your Northwest Washington home consumes? At Barron Heating AC Electrical & Plumbing our mission is Improving Lives™. We understand how much your HVAC system and indoor air quality products impact your home comfort and your budget. So we want to make sure you have all the facts about these systems that you need, and the resources to turn to when you need expert HVAC service!

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Below are some of the most common questions we get about HVAC, and our answers. 

How Does my HVAC System Work? 

This will depend on the type of system you choose. Conventional central air conditioners work by drawing the hot air out of your home and putting it through a refrigerant process to return chilled air. Heating systems like gas furnaces use heating elements to do their job. Heat pump and ductless systems work similar to central AC systems, however the refrigerant process can be reversed in the winter to provide sufficient heat! 

How Much Energy Does an HVAC System Use?

As we said above, your HVAC systems typically use up about half of your home’s energy. But the exact energy consumption of your HVAC systems depends on its efficiency, where it’s being installed, and the type of fuel it uses. Air conditioners are measured by SEER rating while furnaces are measured by AFUE ratings, with the highest ratings being the most efficient. 

What is the Right HVAC System for My Needs? 

Choosing an HVAC system is a huge decision. It’s not something you have to do often, and with such a big purchase, you want to know you’re getting the right system for your specific needs. The best thing to do is get some help from the Home Performance Experts here at Barron Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll examine factors such as:

  • The size and age of your home. 
  • The number of rooms in your home. 
  • Local climate considerations and utility costs. 
  • Utility incentive and rebate programs. 
  • Upfront cost different and long-term financial benefits of upgrading to a higher-rated system. 
  • Type of HVAC system that best addressed these factors. 

What Are Typical Problems My HVAC System Might Have?

Today’s HVAC systems are built to be a lot sturdier and more efficient than those of the past. However, problems from normal wear and tear are bound to come up. These problems include:

  • Dirty air filters blocking airflow. 
  • Clogged drain lines. 
  • Blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. 
  • Low refrigerant/refrigerant leaks. 
  • Dirty condenser coils. 
  • Electrical problems. 
  • Frozen evaporator coil. 
  • Thermostat miscalibration.

How Do I Maintain My HVAC System? 

Just like your vehicle needs an oil change and other maintenance tasks on a regular basis, your HVAC systems need TLC for optimal performance. Ask about our maintenance programs! We offer the Silver Shield preferred memberships. With benefits such as comprehensive preventative maintenance for your HVAC systems and other home comfort systems, plus special discounts and priority service, you’ll have the peace of mind that your systems will last long and run well. 

How Do I Repair My HVAC System? 

Today’s HVAC systems are more advanced than ever and can be confusing to work with. We don’t recommend trying to repair an HVAC system on your own. Instead, count on our team to be there for you. However, there are some things you can check before giving us a call, such as:

  • Cycling the breakers for the HVAC system and ensuring that they’re in the ON position. 
  • Ensuring your air filters are clean. 
  • Opening supply and return vents to ensure there are no obstructions. 
  • Checking the settings on your thermostat. 
  • Ensuring the system switch is on the appropriate COOL or HEAT setting. 

If none of these measures work or if you are unsure about performing any of them, please contact our Home Performance Experts! 

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