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Donnette Lennox's Profile Image
Donnette Lennox, Last week

My daughter was a satisfied customer of Barron and recommended them when we purchased a gas fireplace five years ago. Since then, we have hired Barron to service and clean that fireplace, plus our furnace, yearly. When it was time to replace the furnace, we trusted Barron to recommend a new furnace at a reasonable price. It was installed yesterday. All employees whom we have met have been punctual, courteous, and efficient. We are extremely pleased with their service and will happily continue to depend on them for our heating needs.

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Wayne Dykshorn, Last week
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Kenneth Dunning, Last week
David Johnson's Profile Image
David Johnson, Last week

Perform annual maintenance on heating/air conditioning and gas fireplace systems

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Ashley Jungblom, This month

Elmer & Ben were great! Serviced my AC, natural gas furnace & fireplace, and fixed my thermostat. They were nice, professional, very thorough, and made sure they I understood everything. With such great service I plan to continue using Barron for future needs.

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Janie Reopelle, This month

We recently had a heat pump installed with mini splits - Christian H. and Brett H. were amazing techs that were very professional and super communicative throughout the process. They were very considerate of the fact that we had a toddler, cat and dog running in at out of the house while they were working.
Wes, was such a knowledgeable person, helping talk us through the options and what ultimately would be best for our house.
Ethan the electrician and Tim were very responsive to help as the process included adding on to our panel and outlets. We really appreciate the personalized project management and professionalism.

tom henry's Profile Image
tom henry, This month

our field tech was REALLY great, answered our questions and concerns and in very 'layman' terms. He is easy to like and is one of your very best representatives we have ever dealt with. He solved the problems and installed the warranty parts. He was very thorough in double checking his work and made sure the new components were well within tolerances and performing properly. Ryan is very well trained, professional and an asset to the Barron company.

Lucia Eakle's Profile Image
Lucia Eakle, This month

We needed a new heat pump compressor after a trial by error diagnosis. Barron's service gave us 100% confidence in their competence. The whole process gave us a very good feeling about Barron's and their professionalism.

Margaret's Profile Image
Margaret, This month

Eric Summers did the annual maintenance on my furnace and gas fireplace. He was very thorough and took time to explain what he was doing as well explanation of how things work. Eric is a good worker and pleasant to have working in the house.

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Kris Colwell, This month

My husband and I both came home at almost the same time on 3/2/23 to find our hot water heater leaking. My husband called CPI with no help at all. Our second call was to Barron Heating. Satchel Steele came to our house at almost 9pm to help us. Unfortunately he didn't have the right size water heater we needed for the space we had. He hooked everything back up so we could flush our toilets and had at least cold running water till the morning. He called at 8am said his office was calling around all morning and found us a tank that would fit. He was at our house by 10:20am and we had running hot water by 12:30pm. He did a wonderful job, was very informative about the things we may need to do and how to do upkeep on our new water heater and even let us know about our furnace, which we need to have inspected. Satchel is a keeper with your company and deserves high recognition for helping us. Thank you Barron Plumbing for coming to our rescue.

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