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Do You Have Any of These Problems in Your Home or Business?

  • Uncomfortably Hot or Cold Rooms
  • Excessive Dust, Musty Odor and Poor Indoor Air Quality
  • High Utility Bills
Low flow of air to an area in the home can cause rooms to become unbearable in the hot and cold months of the year. This can often be a symptom of duct leakage. According the Department of Energy, the average home has 25-40% leakage in their duct system. Duct leakage can often lead to conditioned air being pushed to the attic, crawlspace, or basement of your home instead of the areas of your home that you want to be heated or cooled.
Air duct systems are often run through the unpleasant parts of the house, the attic, the crawlspace, or the basement. Leakage in these areas can cause dust to be sucked in to your living spaces. Eliminating these leaks with Aeroseal can lead to dramatically reduced airborne pollutant levels and allergy suffering.
Residential duct leakage in North America amounts to $25 billion dollars in energy waste each year. On average, $0.30 of each dollar that is spent on heating or cooling is wasted because the air never makes it to the intended location due to leakage in the duct system. Aeroseal eliminates the leakage, forcing the air that you have paid to condition in to the space where your family lives and works.

Barron Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer the complete solution to leaks in your duct work…

Barron is the exclusive provider of Aeroseal in the Northwest Washington state. Our Team services Whatcom, San Juan, Skagit, Island, and Snohomish Counties.

Sealing Leaky Ducts with Aeroseal

Aeroseal is a patented process that improves or eliminates hot or cold rooms, poor indoor air quality, excessive dust, and high utility bills by sealing the duct system from the inside. Aeroseal was developed by researchers at U.C. Berkeley with funding from the United States Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Duct leakage is a very common problem. According to the Department of Energy, the typical forced air heating/cooling system leaks 25-40% of the air that moves through the duct work. Aeroseal seals the duct system so that the heated or cooled air gets to where it is intended.

Sealing duct work can also drastically reduce the amount of airborne pollutants by diminishing the amount of air that is pulled from dirty spaces like the attic or the crawlspace in to areas where you live and work. This improves the efficiency of your system by putting less strain on your heating/cooling equipment and delivering all of the conditioned air in to the living space rather than wasting money on heating or cooling the outside.

What the Experts are Saying about Duct Sealing?

  • “Energy 100” Award for one of the most beneficial technologies available to American Consumers – U.S. Department of Energy
  • “Best of What’s New” Award – Popular Science Magazine
  • 2011 Best New Product Award – This Old House Magazine

 Download the Energy Star Duct Sealing Fact Sheet

EnergyStar Duct Sealing Fact Sheet


The Barron technicians were genuinely concerned about the amount of heat we were losing because of improper sealing… not to mention the improvement in air quality that our home will be receiving. I highly recommend their service.~Steve P.

After having a failed furnace on New Year’s Day, Barron came to the rescue in a big way! We now have a brand new 3 zone heat system for our older tri level house that is AMAZING!

After having our vents cleaned and Aerosealed the difference in air flow was immediately noticed. We discovered vents we didn’t realize we had because they hadn’t been blowing air before! It was crazy. The new furnace is efficient and pleasantly quiet. The install crew and their electrician partner were friendly and clearly experts in their tasks. No mess left behind and they even started a wood fire to keep the house warm while they worked. That was above and beyond our service expectation for sure.

Thank you, Barron, for your crew of experts and for the new system that will pay for itself in a few short years with its efficiency!~Mark F.

Our furnace/air conditioner/AeroSeal were done in December. We’ve just experienced our first cold snap with our new furnace and thrilled with the new comfort level… Barron has been our HVAC company of choice for 18 years. Thank you~Rita C. and Bob P.

I had Aeroseal done in my home. They [Barron technicians] were very pleasant, polite and knowledgeable, and explained everything to me…

My system works better that it did when I first had it installed. I would recommend Barron Heating to all my friends and family. Thank you for the great work guys!~Michelle S.


Aeroseal Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the sealant used in Aeroseal safe?
  • How long does Aeroseal last?
  • Can I clean my ducts after they’ve been sealed with Aeroseal?
Yes, sealant used by Aeroseal is non-toxic and has been used in hospitals, surgery centers, and government institutions. The primary component is a vinyl acetate polymer, used in water-based paints, hair spray, and chewing gum. UL approvals for UL 1381 for aerosol-based technology, UL 723 for smoke and flame rating of 0 and UL 181 for mold growth.
Aeroseal is guaranteed to last for 10 years but has been tested in research labs to last for 40 years
Yes. Ducts of all material types can be successfully cleaned after they have been sealed with Aeroseal.
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