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Solar by Barron | Heating Cooling & Electric Systems Powered by the Sun

Heating Cooling & Electric Systems

Powered by the Sun

Barron certified solar designers combine energy efficient heating and cooling solutions with power from the sun to eliminate your electricity bill.

Solar by Barron | Installation

  • Own your own power and generate it right at the point-of-use
  • Great financial incentives available
  • Earn tax-free savings on energy bills
  • Produce clean energy to offset greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil
  • Studies show, on average, adding solar power to your home can increase the value by $18,000

Solar Facts

  • Solar power harnesses natural energy supplied through radiation from the sun and converts it into energy that can be used to power your home.
  • Solar panels do not require direct sunlight to produce energy
  • Net-metering systems monitor energy production and usage to offset energy costs
  • A rooftop solar array can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 24 vehicles driven for one year (including the energy used to manufacture the panels)
  • Increase your home value—studies show that on average, homes with solar power sell 20% faster than equivalent non-solar homes
Let us design a system for your home that will keep you comfortable and save you money for years to come!

Solar By Barron | Clean Energy | Efficient Delivery | Peace of Mind



Solar Projects:

Farmhouse – Bellingham, WA

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Lakeview – Bellingham, WA

Statement of Benefits 


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