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How Aeroseal Works

Mount Vernon, Marysville, WA and the Surrounding Areas

How Aeroseal Works

To seal duct systems, we use a patented technology which includes:

These components work together to pressurize and inject aerosolized sealant into the ductwork. As the sealant particles move through the ducts they are squeezed out of the small cracks and holes that exist in the ductwork causing them to collect only at these points. As they build up, the hole or crevasse is filled, eventually eliminating any breaks in the ductwork. Because of the quick dry time and rubbery nature of the sealant, the system can be directly returned to service and it is guaranteed to last 10 years. By the time Barron Certified Technicians leave your building, the system will be running again, making your home or business more comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient.