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cb .boice's Profile Image
cb .boice, Yesterday

Annual maintenance on fireplace

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Ms.Tina Latvala, This week

Friendly and very knowledgeable

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Rosemary Gustafson, This week

We feel so blessed to have won the 50th year celebration by my name being picked to have $5000 worth of work done by Barron. They came and fixed a broken handle on a tub and 2 sinks that did not work. they were very friendly and very professional in their work. They they came back and were going to clean the furnace heat ducks and found they had holes in them that rats and chewed so they replaced all the damaged duck work. If they would not have found the holes we would not have know they were there. They were very efficient , worked hard and did a wonderful job and we enjoyed their kind attitude and friendliness. I can highly recommend Barron Heating and Plumbing for any job you need done and trust their wisdom and efficiency in their work.

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Barbara Langford, This week

I have a rental property on Orcas which is managed by a management company. I needed a new water heater. Damien came out and replaced the water heater and also removed a solar tank that was no longer in use. According to management who was there, he was determined to get the job done that day, so my renters could have hot water and now be moved. I spoke with him a couple of times during the removal and installation and found him very easy to talk to, professional and knowledgeable. He kept me apprised of what he was doing. His bill was even lower than he estimated. We (management and I) will definitely use them again should the need arise.

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Denise R, This week

Elmer was very helpful and took the time to explain what he was doing and why. He was very through and addressed all our safety concerns regarding the HVAC system.

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Toby Ten Eyck, Last week

Really impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the crew that put in a heat pump. When they take off their shoes in the house without being asked, you know they are thinking about their customers and not just themselves. Brett H. and Christian H. answered all questions courteously, and even with a sense of humor. I would highly recommend their services.

James Venditto's Profile Image
James Venditto, Last week

Shawn was right on time and performed an entire HVAC system performance check. He answered several questions I had and provided me information for a future maintenance job that I'm planning with my gas fireplace. He was very courteous and professional.

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Sherrie Davis, Last week
Phil Latendresse's Profile Image
Phil Latendresse, Last week

The service person was outstanding! Answered our questions, was very friendly and gave us a strong sense that we are in good hands. I feel confident that he was thorough and highly qualified.

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Re McClung, This month

Annual service on my generator. Excellent service today--came in the designated window; completed repairs and reported back. Also assisted with information on potential heat pump installation and will be referring appropriate folks from Barron to call me. Appreciated the time and politeness of their personnel.

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