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Debbie Heinzer's Profile Image
Debbie Heinzer, This month

It was nice that they replaced a part that was needed and while he was here doing the maintenance. we got the thermostat replaced since we struggle to have our house to keep an evenly distributed temperature. We are pleased with the service. I recommend this company.

Sara Wees's Profile Image
Sara Wees, This month

We recently had our water heater/radiant heating system fixed and upgraded. The service, quality of work, communication was exceptional throughout the process. Due to supply chain problems the whole process took awhile to complete but it was a positive experience and Barron's will be our go to. From the beginning Seth did a great job communicating what we needed and went above and beyond. Miguel always kept us informed of the process while waiting for the parts to be delivered and then communication with compassion any delays in delivery and scheduling. Finally Jake and Justin who did the work. More professional workers you could not find. Always pleasant and showing us what they were doing, even staying late (like 11:00PM!) to make sure we got heat.

Thank you to the whole Barron family but especially to Seth, Miguel, Jake and Justin!

Now it's time to talk heat pump

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Pat Holmes, This month

4 technicians installed a heat pump and replaced our gas furnace. From day 1 when we met Dan who spent hours reviewing our old system and making recommendations to replace it to the service team installing it yesterday was a positive and informative experience. We initially were 6 weeks out from decision to purchase to installation but our heat system ended up dying completely and Barron's moved installation up 3 weeks. Thank you Barron's. We are delighted with our system and the team that helped it come to reality!

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Jerry Brookings, Last month

Very pleased with heating system maintenance. Shawn was knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. Answered all of our questions. Finished in a timely manner. Recommend Barron Heating AC.

Steve Adelstein's Profile Image
Steve Adelstein, Last month

I am very satisfied with the AC installation at my home. Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, helpful and mindful of my concerns. A special shout out to the installers Jon and Elliot who did an outstanding job. Also a special shout out to Jacoby Shelly the HVAC superintendent who laid out the work, and to Ethan Bodven electrical service superintendent and his crew who installed the electrical system for the AC. And finally a shout out to Wes Diskin who determined what I needed and put together the bid. Thanks to all of you for your professionalism and excellent work.

Rick Beauregard's Profile Image
Rick Beauregard, Last month

Barron responded to my review and after considerable other issues beyond their control made things right. I have upgraded my review accordingly as promised.

Stuff happens. If you backup your products and services when things go wrong you earn loyal customers and referrals. I think Barron Heating gets this.

Thanks to Rob and especially Elmer for responding after what must have been a challenging stormy Christmas weekend.


In January 2021 Barron installed a Bosch heat pump, upgraded electrical to service the heat pump, and installed a new Lennox Air handler to go with our 10 year old Lennox furnace, which they also had installed. The system worked fine through the winter providing heat at sub freezing levels with only occasional need for auxiliary gas heat from the furnace.

When summer came, the heat pump failed to switch to cool. It was putting out hot air instead of cool. Barron responded quickly to check it out. The problem was that the installer failed to activate a dip switch on the panel to allow cooling. Easy fix no charge.

Barron came for another routine annual check up under the service agreement in October. They recommended replacement of a capacitor on our furnace which they said was close to failure. Charge $450.

The unit provided great cooling over the summer. But when winter returned, I noticed the heat pump was not cycling on, and heat was provided by the gas furnace only. I called Barron and they scheduled a service call. The night before the scheduled service we began to smell fuel in the house. I shut down the gas furnace (we had no heat on a very cold night). The next day the technician came to diagnose both problems. He found there was no power getting to the heat pump. He traced this to a junction box. Opening the box he found a wire nut had melted due to an electrical short. This was due to faulty electrical installation. He repaired the short for no charge.

The other problem was diagnosed as a leaking heat exchanger. A replacement was scheduled and though the part is under warranty under our original furnace warranty, the installation is about $1500. This installation. Is schedule for next week. In the meantime we have heat only from the heat pump with no gas backup. In spite of subfreezing weather this entire time, the heat pump worked great to keep us warm.

Barron has good responsiveness if you have a service agreement. Their installation and quality control in this case was sub par and possibly dangerous. The short could have caused a fire. Given these issues, my confidence in their quality is shaken and I cannot recommend them. Given this though, if you do use Barron be sure to get the service agreement. These systems are complex and installation mistakes by inexperienced technicians are not uncommon, as my experience shows.

If Barron responds, I'd like some consideration for my experience and fair review, and will update this review accordingly.

Paul Henderson's Profile Image
Paul Henderson, Last month

Installation of mini split heating system was completed in below freezing weather. Crew did an outstanding job. Highly recommended. Lennox system purchased through Costco functioning perfectly to date.

Katie Bechkowiak's Profile Image
Katie Bechkowiak, Last month

Brent was very friendly and thorough and talked to me in terms I could understand. I was very happy with his service.

mojave breiter's Profile Image
mojave breiter, Last month

From start to finish my experience with Barron was great! We added a ducted mini-split and insulation to the non conditioned upstairs of our house.
My sales person, Travis, put together a very smart plan to heat, cool and insulate the upstairs of our 130 year old house. The home office team was prompt to follow up with scheduling and any other details to ensure a seamless installation. The install team showed up as scheduled and on time. They gave extra care to the plaster and corks in our old house that some installers might not have the patience for. Brad, the lead installer, gave a lot of attention to small details that make the quality of work a stand-out.
Our upstairs has become good, useable space for our family. It was essentially storage before the project. Barron's team was solid at each level. We highly recommend.

iNK Home Inspections's Profile Image
iNK Home Inspections, Last month

Barron Heating and A/C

Thank you so very much for sending out Cody and his team member. Upon arrival Cody explained his understanding of the operation, by explaining three different possible issues that he knew could be present. I myself was helping a shared client with some light construction management; working directly with Barron's Representative technician to get the generator back online and operating as designed. Barron's technician Cody took charge of the repair/correction with perfect results.
He was great with the clients, Cody has a very kind an confident aspect to his professionalism and approach which was settling for our clients in their then worried state. The lighthearted professional approach with full transparency at the visually worst state. Cody was able to clearly communicated his resolution then executed it.

Best representation I've seen in a long time. Barren dispatched out the right technicians when they chose him. Top notch service response.

Thanks again

Five Stars

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