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MurielK VP's Profile Image
MurielK VP, This month

Logan & Sean from Barron installed our gas fireplace a week ago and I honestly can't say enough good things about them. They did a phenomenal job and had to troubleshoot an awkward roof line. They were professional, friendly, answered all my questions and the fireplace is gorgeous!. Barron is very lucky to have Logan and Sean as employees. This installation was in the rental home we live in, but we would definitely use them for any future home we might build or own. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Benjamin Hall's Profile Image
Benjamin Hall, This month

Elmer Anderson HVAC Service Technician out of Ferndale WA. Deserves a raise/promotion! He was very professional , extremely knowledgeable , and a great guy to have in our home servicing us. We will be using Barron Heating as long as they keep hiring guys like Elmer Anderson. Barron Heating is lucky to have you Elmer. Thanks for being awesome!

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Angela Magno

Fireplace Specialist, Pierce DeKovend, was here yesterday, and I cannot say enough good things about his service!
Truly amazing, Pierce! You were not only completely thorough but also fully informative. My husband is disabled and often cold, and our fireplace has been essential to his quality of life. I was impressed by the professionalism and capability. I would recommend that Barron utilize Pierce's expertise in any fireplace related training. I also wanted to add that all the Barron staff is excellent, but Pierce, is stellar.

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Paul Naber, This month
Alger Billings's Profile Image
Alger Billings, This month

Barron is a great company to work with. They take good care of our heating/AC system. Their service people are always professional and personable. We are loyal customers. Thanks Barron!

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Art Menzer, This month

Barron Heating has taken care of our hydronic heating system for years. They are really good at what they do. This year, I cringed a little when they said a different field tech was servicing me this year, but he turned out to be just as great as the one who had maintained my system for the past several years. I am staying with Barron Heating.

Giuliana Nakashima's Profile Image
Giuliana Nakashima, This month

WOW! The tech, Nolan Ballard that came was not only professional, but very kind and understanding. HE ANSWERED on MOTHER'S DAY after hours and called to even let us know when on the way. MOST important, he fixed the AC in a VERY reasonable amount of time and explained what was going on the entire time. Because of Mr. Ballard, Barron heating and cooling has our continued business!

Annette Lindquist's Profile Image
Annette Lindquist, This month

Friendly,knowledgeable and professional.great work!

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Suzanne Trulock, This month

They are friendly, on time, and willing to wear masks and booties in the home. I always come from the experience satisfied with their work.

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kathleen winston, This month

Andrew M and Riley S were excellent!!!!

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