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James Perkins, Last month

Today, Shawn L stopped by to do our yearly service. It was a very positive experience. He called to keep us informed about his arrival time. He showed the utmost respect for both our house and to me.
Shawn was obviously well prepared for his visit. He found one minor issue that he dealt with. He was very knowledgeable about our equipment and took the time to explain what he was doing, and thinks we might look for in the future.
Without hesitation, I would recommend Shawn and Barron heating to my closest friends.

Jolyne Marcelli's Profile Image
Jolyne Marcelli, Last month

When we first had are outage, it was a Sunday although they were very busy they did see us that eve. Left us with two heaters 1 week later are new one was installed in 4 hours by Sam. He was very friendly and informative . He took time to make sure we understood the thermometer and showed were to change out the filter. We were very pleased with him. Also Kris was great when he came out to assess
We told him we were still cold and he gave us 2 more heaters and sold us on a new furnace

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mike howell, Last month

Wow, a company that still maintains an exceptional level professionalism and customer service. All of this during their peak season. Jake in plumbing knocked it out of the park! Thank you

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Barb Faris, Last month
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Christine Carroll, Last month

Absolutely AWESOME

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Mark Hiraiwa, Last month

Tech called to notify arrival time and was accurate.
Service was thorough and efficient.
No mess, no fuss, and communication was good.
We've had this ductless system for 3 +years and very pleased with performance and service.
Thank you Barron Heating

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LINDA CAIN, Last month

Needed to replace my 32 year old propane fireplace. Logan and Sean were here and did a fantastic job. Best guys ever!

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Debbie Trough-Heinzer, Last month

????Barron heating is through and helpful in keeping our house up to date with everything needed for us to be warm, dry and comfortable. We needed to have our furnace fixed three times. They helped us to fix it the third time keeping us warm until we could afford to replace it. Since we have a silver shield membership, it's helpful to get our problems fixed in a timely fashion with a discount. All the staff are friendly and great to work with.

Matt Malyon's Profile Image
Matt Malyon, Last month

During a routine tune up for our outdated standup wall heater, Richard of Barron Heating & Air Conditioning discovered that our heater was emitting too much carbon monoxide. He advised us about this matter and we were admittedly very concerned. The following day we were able to consult in person at our house with Tristan Brown, Home Performance Specialist, as well as John Barron, Owner. They strongly warned us against using the heater, and our family gratefully turned off the heater for good. Both Tristan and John took extra care in listening to our concerns and needs, and were very patient in walking through all the various products and scenarios with us. They presented all cost options and were not pushy regarding the higher priced equipment. Because we were lacking heat in the coldest part of the winter season, John returned an hour or so after they left to bring us a few space heaters free of charge. The next day, Friday, with Tristan's help, we were able to receive financing for a new, ductless heating system. We spent the weekend and the holiday Monday shifting around our space heaters and staying as warm as we could. Barron called Tuesday, scheduled the install, and arrived the next day amidst the first full snowfall of the season to put in the new equipment. The snow continued throughout the day, but didn't seem to distract the employees in the least. The two young electricians talked to us briefly at the front door and then set to work hooking up the needed wiring and made good and quick work of it. Very professional and polite. David, the installer of the ductless unit, spent the day installing the equipment inside and outside the house. He was extremely thorough and checked in regularly with us to see how we were doing, if we understood the equipment and what he was telling us about it, as well as providing updates about his next steps. David had a great balance of technical and professional skills alongside being very personable and easy to converse with. He set our minds at ease throughout the day and did a great job. The site was left very clean. And David even stayed behind for a few extra minutes to help affix a slightly longer tube addition to a drain spout near our crawl space simply because he could tell we felt a slight unease about it. We are extremely thankful for the Barron crew, the work they did, and the help they provided us in a time of need. Thank you, Richard, Tristan, John, the two electricians, and David! We're grateful. And warm now too!

Gary Knudtzon's Profile Image
Gary Knudtzon, Last month

Did their Job quickly and accurately with a smile on their face! Total satisfaction on my side! Gary K

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