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4 Winter Home Projects

Tools forming a house with energy efficiency chimney

Home improvement isn’t just for warmer weather

It’s the middle of winter and all you want to do is hibernate, right? Maybe you were buzzing with home improvement energy in the fall, ready to get everything in order before the cold weather set in. Maybe you’re saving your excitement for coming spring and summer projects. We get it. While it may be tempting to give in to winter routine and put your home on the backburner, we have some winter projects to keep your house humming and your hands busy.

1) Check in on crawlspaces

We’re no strangers to damp and chilly winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Our houses endure months of it year after year. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure your crawl spaces aren’t falling victim to moisture damage, hibernating rodents, or improper insulation. If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of crawlspace maintenance, we recommend having an expert come over to assess your house’s health. Bonus article: Avoid 8 DIY Crawl Space Mistakes

2) Start a landscaping project

We suggest using our rainy climate to your advantage to create a rain garden. This is simply a garden that uses tiered draining to filter runoff. Not only is a rain garden great for natural filtering, it also allows you to take advantage of diverse Pacific Northwest flora to create an attractive addition to your yard. Bonus article: How to Build a Rain Garden to Filter Runoff

3) Remodel your garage or basement

With all the time you’re spending indoors this season, why not transform an unfinished garage or basement into more usable and comfortable space? Get started now and your workshop/garage apartment/basement playroom/family room can be up and running in time for spring and summer–when you and your family will actually want to be active. Bonus article: Garage Remodeling Tips

4) Touch up your fireplace

Chances are you’ve put your fireplace to good use over the past couple months. It’s always smart to keep up with fireplace maintenance, especially if it’s being used more frequently than normal. You can take your fireplace one step further and upgrade your hearth with a gas, wood or pellet insert. Inserts can transform an old hearth into an efficient, beautiful and modern focal point. Bonus article: How to Convert Your Wood-Burning Fireplace

Your home projects don’t have to suffer just because it’s winter. In fact, the more you get done now, the more you and your house will benefit once spring arrives. Whether you’re planning your projects with those sunny days ahead in mind, or whether you want to keep the current winter weather at bay, use this list as a jumping off point and see where your home takes you.

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