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Is Heat Pump Maintenance Really Worth the Investment? A Full Breakdown

Monday, May 13th, 2024

Maintenance is a pretty general term. It’s a service that mechanics provide for automobiles, IT departments perform on computers, and HVAC specialists use for heating and air conditioning systems. But there are major differences between these kinds of maintenance, and not all maintenance is equally important.

For instance, if you work remotely, you might not depend on your car as much to get the full benefits from maintenance. Likewise, many people use their phones instead of their computers, so computer maintenance isn’t as valuable. But there are very few people in the world who don’t rely on some kind of heating or cooling system for their home. You’re just more likely to get the full benefits of heat pump maintenance than any other kind of maintenance.

But what does heat pump maintenance in the San Juan Islands consist of? And how do you know when it’s worth it? We’ll break it down for you today.

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Everything to Know About the Barron KARES Program

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

In this day and age, it’s not enough to be a standard HVAC company. Contractors can do great work, but communities can only thrive by having active community members who contribute to those who need help the most. Our business relies on community support just as much as our customers rely on us to do extraordinary work and show results.

So, one way we’re giving back is with the Barron KARES program. It’s a hands-on approach toward HVAC work rooted in empathy and good service. Each month, we’ll shine a spotlight on a specific charity or non-profit organization that is respected amongst our team and the community as a whole. We’ll provide a charitable donation, spread awareness, and work hard to give back.

Let’s talk about what this program means and why it’s so important to us.

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It’s Official: Now Serving South Whidbey Island

Monday, January 15th, 2024

We’re happy to announce that we’re back in South Whidbey and ready to deliver home services. If you contacted us in the past few years and heard we were at capacity and couldn’t book new services, you’d be right–let’s explain what happened.

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Refrigerant Changes on the Horizon: How It Impacts Your Home Cooling Budget

Monday, November 13th, 2023

The entire HVAC industry is undergoing a massive shift in the materials and chemicals used in our everyday installations, repairs, and tune-ups. One of the biggest changes happening right now is the introduction of two refrigerants that aim to help reach different greenhouse gas emission goals across multiple states. This is what that all means for your wallet.

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May Maintenance Matters: Why You Need Annual Home Maintenance

Monday, May 15th, 2023

Your Sunday chore list has plenty on it–pluck the weeds in the garden, power wash the porch, etc., but while you tend to the miscellaneous books and crannies of your home, your HVAC system and plumbing are slowly breaking down.

We call it wear and tear–damage that accrues over time as a result of use. Your car gains miles, your floors get scuffs and scrapes, and your home systems slowly lose steam. Your whole home needs a little TLC, and this is why.

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