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Cottonwood Season is Almost Over, Here’s What it Means for Your AC

Cottonwood season sends tiny cottonwood fibers into the air. You see them gather on your windshield, by the side of the road, and depending on how bad it is near your home, you might even see it gather on your air conditioner cabinet.

With cottonwood season winding down, it’s time for a coil cleaning. Let’s explain why it’s important now more than ever.

Your AC Coils May Be Dirty

Your air conditioner coils need to be clean in order to absorb heat from the inside of your house. When dust builds up on the coil, it can result in significant drops in performance. When you add cottonwood seeds to the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster.

This first manifests as a slight drop in performance, and you may not notice it right away. As the season nears its end and more cottonwood seed finds its way into your air conditioner cabinet, the problem gets worse.

Your Condensate Drain Line Might Get Clogged

These cottonwood seeds get everywhere, and they can even contribute to clogging your condensate drain line. This is where condensation runoff gets pumped out of your air conditioner.

That tube already has to deal with mold and mildew growth throughout the year until your next maintenance visit, but debris is also a problem. Most of the time, we think of dirt, leaves, and maybe bugs getting in that line, but cottonwood seed can, too.

The Fan Can Get Jammed

This would take quite a bit of cottonwood seed buildup, but the fan that’s built into your AC cabinet can get jammed. This is used to dispel additional heat created by the air conditioner and keep things cool, so if it gets jammed up, it could cause problems for your AC’s ability to cool off.

You May Need Another Maintenance Visit

When cottonwood season winds down, your air conditioner needs a helping hand to regain its efficiency. If you notice a lot of cottonwood seed in your yard throughout the year, it’s worth it to schedule a second maintenance visit right around the time the season ends.

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