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Got Mold?

Mold grows where there is moisture. If you have mold or mildew problems in your home, it is likely the result of poor ventilation and leaks in windows, heating ducts, plumbing, roofs or moist air getting in from the crawl.

It’s important to promptly rid your home of mold and to fix the cause so that it does not come back. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists

Under the EPA’s Ten Things You Should Know About Mold they advise homeowners to reduce humidity to between 30 and 60% to decrease mold growth. By venting bathrooms and other areas where moisture is generated to the exterior of the house- not the attic- you reduce the chance that occupant generated moisture is the cause.

However, some homes will bring in and create their own moisture due to leaky floors, walls and ceilings. In these cases, its best to consult a professional and look to having a pressure test performed on your home.

If you are concerned that your are currently being exposed to mold you should first consult your health care provider.Then Ask An Expert to see what steps you should take to eliminating mold and other problems with your home.

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