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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home improvements don’t have to be expensive and drastic to make a difference in your home. Make a happier home with small changes that make a big impact.

Adding in new pieces of furniture, tweaking the lighting and tossing a blanket on the couch are all simple ideas that can make your home a more comfortable place to be. These changes create an opportunity to bring more beauty into your home.

To make the change most relevant to you, decide which room or area of your house is your favorite place to be. Is it your bed? Your kitchen? Patio?

If its your bed, pick out pillows and blankets that have it feeling like heaven. Home Beautiful offers 5 Tips for Choosing Bed Linens . Even if you make these changes one-by-one you will notice the difference, whether it be through comfort or aesthetics.

If you’re a wiz in the kitchen, put up your favorite art or bring in comfy furniture.  In another Home Beautiful article you will find 10 Interior Designers Share Their Kitchen Style. Each designer’s advice is to accommodate your personal style and needs depending on the function of the space.

It doesn’t stop with the inside of your house; Add a fire pit and twinkling lights to your backyard, take the time to do some landscaping, put up colorful shades in the guest bedroom. Whatever your project may be remember the home is where the heart is, so bring the things you love the most into your home.

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