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Is it CHI or CHEE?

The Chinese have a term ‘CHI’ that is defined as: The light, refreshing, uplifting feng shui energy that is beneficial to your health and well-being. We’d like you to consider your ‘CHEE”
They tell us that Good Chi, takes many forms, such as:

  • The energy you experience walking by the beach (high amount of negative ions are beneficial to your health)  
  • The energy you experience in a lush forest (Japanese have the expression of “wood bathing”)
  • In a harmonious interior environment with a good flow of feng shui energy, clean air and plenty of natural light.

At Barron, we can’t help you with the FengShui design of your home or suggest which local beach or forest might put your spirit in the best position to receive ‘good Chi’ (probably any of our great outdoor areas will do the trick)…but we can help in positioning your home to be in the perfect condition to control, clean and condition the indoor environment we will spend most hours of the day in.

Many homes can’t keep windows open during good weather due to allergens and outside air moving into the home and causing respiratory issues. This leaves a home feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.  Then to make matters worse, when they lay down to sleep in the evening in a home that may be too warm or uncomfortable to provide the beneficial sleep…the home can go into a state (due to negative pressure) that brings a tremendous amount of dust, contaminants & allergens into the home.  The contaminants enter through can lights, attic hatches, electrical switches or under wall plates and pollute the air we breathe.  Ever wonder why you wake up more stuffy than when you went to bed?

At Barron, we appreciate the CHI but we’re more about the CHEE.

What’s CHEE?  We’re glad you asked…

CHEE stands for the Comfort, Health Energy Efficiency of your home.  Creating the perfect balance of those three is Barron’s specialty and what we feel is the key to providing the perfect indoor living environment.  We work hard at good CHEE so that the path to your front door can bring the same feelings of peace and serenity that a walk on the beach or next to the forest can provide.

Take a look at the different Services we provide to improve the CHEE around your home as you work toward your own perfect balance.  We’d love the opportunity to help.

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