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Refrigerant Changes on the Horizon: How It Impacts Your Home Cooling Budget

The entire HVAC industry is undergoing a massive shift in the materials and chemicals used in our everyday installations, repairs, and tune-ups. One of the biggest changes happening right now is the introduction of two refrigerants that aim to help reach different greenhouse gas emission goals across multiple states. This is what that all means for your wallet.

Two New Refrigerants on the Market

There’s R-454B, a blend of different chemicals that, as of 2023, has phased out an older refrigerant, R-410A. Manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier, and others have accepted it.

Thanks to the brilliant minds at Daikin, we have R-32 as an excellent option for a refrigerant that numerous manufacturers are accepting worldwide. This refrigerant has been a game-changer for years in the HVAC industry.

With these changes and their thermodynamic aspects, machines can now be designed with smaller motors and even smaller piping without losing energy efficiency. It equals less energy spent daily but also leads to price increases in new equipment, which we expect to be around 15-20%. 

A Change to Safety and Building Standards

These new refrigerants are significant changes for manufacturing and the types of machines homeowners can access, but that’s not where the changes end. The way we define building codes also changes, and there are different safety concerns. 

As far as safety is concerned, R-32 is slightly flammable, more so than previous versions of refrigerant. While this new refrigerant is better for the environment and your carbon emissions, safety concerns arise from this change. However, it’s important to know that even with these changes, R-32 is still less flammable than propane.

How to Get Ahead of the Curve

The change is coming, and so are price hikes on new equipment manufactured to handle these new refrigerant types. While we know that these environmentally focused changes are ultimately good, the impact on many newer equipment doesn’t provide a massive leap in energy efficiency that always justifies the change for homeowners.

Before you’re locked into these changes and forced to buy a new heat pump with R-32 or R-454B, consider a Daikin Fit Enhanced provided through us. They’re quieter, more compact, offer better energy savings than many competitor models, and are eligible for a tax credit of up to 30% of the total cost through the Inflation Reduction Act. For a limited time, Barron is offering the Daikin Fit Enhanced for either $109 per month or the same as cash — meaning you can install now and pay no interest and no payments for 12 months.

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