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The Best Place for a New Mini Split Setup

Mini split systems are not the same as conventional heating or cooling units. Those systems are not very aesthetically pleasing, specifically because they sit in your basement or crawlspace where you’re not going to interact with them. Conventional, centralized HVAC systems work behind the scenes and are not meant to be nearby.

However, a mini split heat pump is different. Ductless mini splits in Ferndale are more aesthetically appealing and also work independently of one another. You can have several set up in your home to maximize comfort and efficiency.

This means that more thought needs to go into the look and feel of your home if you’re planning on investing in one of these systems. Where might it fit best? Where is a good spot for it if your home is unconventional? That’s what we hope to explore in this blog post.

The Advantages of a Mini Split

Mini splits are wonderful systems for homeowners who are concerned about efficiency and customized comfort. They’re not like centralized systems, instead, they run up to 4 air handlers that are mounted on your wall, ceiling, or floor. Each air handler provides air conditioning or heating depending on the season, which allows for year-round comfort in certain places where you need it.

These mini splits can cover the square footage of an entire house, or they can be used for specific locations where your average heater or air conditioner can’t reach.

Top Locations for a Mini Split Setup

Here are some locations where mini splits are wonderful additions, since they provide superb comfort without compromising efficiency.

  • Sheds. A shed is usually too small to require its own heating or cooling system. But a mini split can easily be set up in your shed, depending on how close it is to your house, so it runs independently while also using the same outdoor condenser that your other mini splits use.
  • Media rooms. Media rooms often require precise comfort for spending long periods of time–but they’re a small enough space where a single mini split can do the work for you.
  • Finished basements. If your basement was finished and you’re concerned that your HVAC system won’t be able to keep it comfortable along with the rest of your home, a mini split could fit perfectly in it.
  • Attics. Attics are similar to basements where they’re often finished without taking heating or cooling into consideration. A mini split is an affordable way to keep them warm or cool without changing the HVAC system of your entire house.
  • Guest houses. A guest house or a rental property can be an excellent choice for a mini split system. Depending on how large it is or how many people are staying in it, a mini split system can provide customized and efficient comfort for long periods of time.
  • New additions. A new addition can sometimes strain your central heating or cooling system. A mini split will be able to keep that room comfortable without breaking the bank.
  • Walled in porches. Treat a walled-in porch the same way you would a new addition, in which case a mini split could be the perfect comfort solution.

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