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What’s That Noise?

Is your heating and cooling system getting NOISY? There are some hums, squeaks and pops that can alert you to issues, while others are just a result of normal operation. If your equipment is not new, but you are noticing new noises, give Barron a call! 1-800-328-7774

• Air moving in your ductwork

This is a normal indication that your equipment is running, but if you notice a loud hissing or a change in airflow, there could be a blockage or leak in your ducts.

• Hum from your outdoor condenser

Even the most efficient air conditioner will make some noise while operating. Newer units may be quieter, while older ones may be obvious every time they kick on. Make note of changes – especially loud bangs or thumps.

• Squeaks during startup or shutdown

While a squeak may be normal for older units, most squeals are generally an indication that it is time for a tune-up. If your unit is newer, this can be an indication that a part is dirty or loose.

• Scurrying or thumps in your ductwork

Household pests may make your ductwork their home. If you hear what sounds like an animal moving behind your walls or vents, have someone come out and inspect your system.

• Popping or crackling inside your ductwork

Metal ductwork expands and contracts as it is heated and cooled. This is completely normal, but if the pops are interfering with your daily routine, Barron can help.

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