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Home Sustainability: How Solar Panels and Heat Pumps Work Together

Solar cuts your ongoing electrical costs, heat pumps lower your energy bills, and they can work together to compound those effects. When you power your heat pump with solar energy, you’re supercharging your home sustainability, and this is why it works.

Your Heat Pump Can Be Powered By Solar Energy

Heat pumps don’t use as much power as you might think. If you already have one in your home and you’re considering adding solar panels for the first time, you’ll be able to see an immediate drop-off in your monthly energy bills, depending on how many panels you have dedicated and integrated into your heat pump.

Heat Pumps Can Use 50% Less Energy Than an AC and Furnace Combo

If you want a sustainable home, having a separate air conditioner and furnace system isn’t the way to go. While each of those units have their own benefits and drawbacks, heat pumps outpace them when it comes to energy efficiency.

Since heat pumps can use around 50% less energy to heat or cool your home in the same capacity as a standard AC or furnace, it’s a smart choice to equip your home with one if you plan to utilize solar energy as often as possible for true sustainability.

Smart Integration to Your Home

If you’re relying on solar energy and trying to be as sustainable as possible, you likely have batteries to store excess electricity from your solar panels. While your heat pump can pair with solar panels to make a single integrated system, the other machines in your home, such as air purifiers and water heaters, aren’t integrated in the same way.

This integration is a good thing. Because your heat pump won’t rely on your batteries, they can be used to adequately power other systems in your home without causing overload or too much stress. It puts you one step closer to complete home integration with solar technology.

It’s Time to Make the Change

Now that you know what the marriage between heat pumps and solar panels can truly do, it’s time to make the call and talk with our technicians about getting both installed in your home today. Whether you’re upgrading from an AC and furnace combo for the first time, or you’ve never had solar panels installed before, it doesn’t matter–we can help you through the entire process.

Our team of Home Performance Experts has served the I-5 corridor from Blaine to Marysville, Oak Harbor to Concrete, and the San Juan Islands since 1972 with a mission of Improving Lives™. We look forward to serving you too! Contact Barron to install a heat pump or get a quote from our Solar by Barron team.

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