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How You Know Its Time to Call a Plumber


It can sometimes be difficult to know if your plumbing system is in good shape at any given time. Most people don’t think very much about their plumbing systems after all, as long as the pipes continue to work the way they always have. “Out of sight, out of mind,” right? Unfortunately, this line of thinking can be harmful to your plumbing system!

Fortunately, Barron offers a comprehensive maintenance program that includes a Silver Shield Plumbing Preferred Membership, providing a WholeHome™ Plumbing Inspection, Comprehensive Performance Maintenance, and more. This membership ensures that your plumbing undergoes preventative care so that you run into fewer problems throughout the year. 

Of course, a repair need can still pop up, and plumbing repair needs aren’t always immediately noticeable. Fortunately, we’ve provided some indications that you can watch out for, below. If you notice your plumbing system has any of these symptoms, please don’t hesitate to give Barron Plumbing a call. 

A Drop in Water Pressure

If you turn on a faucet or go to take a shower and notice there’s a decline in water pressure throughout your home’s plumbing fixtures, then there’s a chance it means there is a leak somewhere in your system, perhaps at the main water line. 

If the decline seems to only be impacting one fixture, then it could be that the pipe leading to that fixture has a leak. Either way, however, the best thing you can do is call a plumber to inspect. 

A Spike in Your Monthly Water Bills

You probably have a good general idea of how much water you use each month. Or at least, you know what to expect when your water utility bill comes. If it’s significantly higher than usual, despite your household using the same amount of water they always have, it’s a sign that water is leaving the system in larger amounts, probably from a leak. 

Visible Water Damage

The last thing you should do if you ever see discoloration on your drywall, ceiling, or flooring is to brush it off. See if it’s damp to the touch. Even if it’s dried, this is a sign that a leak has occurred, and needs to be checked out. 

The Sound of Running or Dripping Water

Let’s say all your plumbing appliances and fixtures are turned off. However, you hear running or dripping water. You can’t quite pinpoint the location, but you know it’s in your home. 

This could mean you have a leak in a pipe behind drywall or beneath your floor (this is called a slab leak), and it is time to call a plumber! 

Contact Barron Plumbing today to get in touch with a professional plumber in Bellingham and throughout Skagit or Whatcom County. Your full-service HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Contractor. Our Mission Improving Lives.

Outside of Whatcom & Skagit County plumbing service and installation offerings vary by location. Call or visit our city pages for more details. We look forward to serving you! Contact Barron Plumbing today.

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