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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Boiler

Boilers are designed to be as reliable as possible. They’re powerful heating systems that are also some of the most long-lasting systems on the market. Seriously, a boiler can last 20+ years of running efficiently without major hiccups, and we see this all the time in homes throughout the area.

However, boilers aren’t designed to last forever and sometimes they’ll give off strange noises, foul odors, and other issues that can be a premonition of a replacement to come.

Your boiler gives off warning signals when it’s nearing the end of its lifecycle, though not all those signals are loud and apparent. Sometimes it’s a subtle difference that you need to pay attention to before you can know for sure. To know if you truly need boiler replacement in Bellingham, WA, consider these signs.

Your Heating Efficiency Dwindles

Older boilers, just like all older HVAC systems, will become less efficient as time goes on. One way to judge the efficiency of the boiler is the time it takes to heat the space to the desired temperature, keep in mind this may vary based on outside temperature.

Another way to tell is if your energy bills have gone up recently despite zero change in your habits or behaviors around heating your home. If you’re not fiddling with the thermostat and the bill goes up anyway, it’s a cause for concern.

Frequent Breakdowns

How many times have you had to call for your boiler already? If it’s becoming a common problem, and you’re anticipating a breakdown once a year or so, your boiler isn’t going to hold on for much longer. When it hits the point of failure, some irreparable wear and tear damage is done, lowering your boiler’s efficiency and making it harder to keep up with your heating demands. We may eventually reach a point where an extremely expensive repair is needed, at this time a decision will need to be made whether to put that money into the aging, deteriorating system or placing that money into a new piece of equipment to ensure future operation accompanied with a warranty.

It’s Time for Boiler Replacement

Your boiler has hit the end of its rope, and now it’s time to replace it. Give us a call today and we’ll assess your boiler’s condition and determine whether or not it’s time to replace it. If it is, we’ll handle the entire process and restore your heating before long.

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