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HVAC Installation: Why You Should Consider the Daikin Fit


At Barron Heating & Air Conditioning, we focus on three pillars: comfort, health, and energy efficiency. There’s no exception when it comes to our products installed and available services. Our team works with some of the best HVAC systems on the market today, including the Daikin Fit heat pump system.

When choosing a system for installation, it’s often tempting for homeowners to go with the cheapest heater or air conditioner they can find. This can be a costly mistake, however. Going with the lowest price version often sacrifices the performance quality for your home, ultimately binding you to high monthly payments to heat and cool your home due to how much energy your HVAC system will consume.

Performance is key! Whether you’re on the market for a new heater, AC system, or both, the Daikin Fit is an affordable option that makes performance a priority, providing the comfort you want while saving you money.

The Daikin Fit Difference

Daikin Fit air conditioners and heat pump systems are smart systems, improving your home comfort, saving space, and helping to keep your monthly energy bills down. And while no HVAC system will be completely silent, the Daikin Fit is quieter than most other forced-air HVAC systems. Its minimal noise level will be noticeably lower when compared to a conventional central AC outdoor unit or the blower fan of a standard furnace, meaning it won’t compete with your dinner conversation or nightly tv show.

A traditional air conditioning system or furnace has two modes: On or Off, and draws the most power at startup versus when it’s running. A traditional HVAC unit is always operating at its highest capacity, potentially draining more energy than necessary to operate. The Daikin Fit heat pump system, however, utilizes a variable speed fan, known as an inverter drive, allowing the system to run at variable speeds for optimal efficiency. With inverter drive technology, the Daikin Fit doesn’t have to continually shut off and turn back on. Rather, it starts up and then eases down as your temperature gets closer to your desired thermostat setting, continuously running rather than draining more power than necessary. This inverter drive technology gives you more precise control over your heating and cooling, providing your living space with the right level of air conditioning or heating for the season and time of day.

Contact us for Your Daikin Fit Installation and Save!

From its small size to its quiet and continuous operation, the Daikin Fit is an ideal solution for your modern home comfort needs. And with its sleek design and side discharge, the Daikin Fit heat pump allows for convenient and non-obtrusive installation. Our experienced team at Barron looks forward to helping you find the perfect HVAC installation solution for your home. From now until February 28, 2021 you can save up to $3,500 on a Daikin Fit heat pump system—contact us today!

Our team of Home Performance Experts has served Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Snohomish & San Juan Counties since 1972 with a mission of Improving Lives™. We look forward to serving you! Contact Barron Heating & Air Conditioning today for expert HVAC services in Bellingham, WA.

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