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Why Professional Drain Cleaning is Better Than Chemical Cleaners and Uncloggers

We’ve all seen commercials for drain cleaning chemicals before. They show abhorrent 3D mockups of what they want you to believe goes on in your pipes in an effort to simplify everything about your drains.

Chemicals don’t fix problems; they act as a short-term remedy for the immediate problem (clogs), but fail to provide a viable long-term solution. Most of the time they cause damage to your drains that result in bigger issues down the road. Here’s why these chemicals aren’t a proper replacement for professional drain cleaning services in Bellingham, WA.

Your Drains Won’t Break From One Use

Your drains aren’t about to break because you used a popular drain cleaning chemical one time. Multiple uses and especially frequent use does cause damage to your pipes, and can cause even more damage to your toilet.

If you’ve used these products in the past, as many homeowners have, it’s important to get a WholeHome™ Plumbing Inspection to see just how much damage has been done to your drains. In some cases, it may call for repiping. Discontinue use of any drain cleaning chemicals to avoid further damage.

So What Do These Chemicals Actually Do?

They’re a band-aid; not a solution. These chemicals are corrosive to some extent, and eat away at the weakest point of a clog. This will restore some drainage, but it doesn’t remove the issue. It simply waylays it for another day in the not-so-distant future.

Drain cleaning requires tools that forcibly remove buildup from the inside of your pipes. That service is carried out without adding damage, so drain cleaners are effectively bottom-shelf quick fixes that don’t tackle most of the issue, and leave damage in its wake.

The chemical reaction in these drain unclogging liquids and gels can heat and warp metal pipes, or actually melt areas of PVC piping. Enough uses will lead to a leak.

Nothing Works Like Professional Drain Cleaning

Chemical cleaners are an attractive choice, but like many things in life, the more involved choice is the better option. While drain cleaning services cost more than a bottle from the hardware store, they offer long-term solutions and reduce overall costs by reducing the likelihood of major pipe issues.

Professional drain cleaning provides an actual solution and noticeably better results. Contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning services before you encounter another big clog.

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